Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 27, 2023

Welcome to Aitubo! We respect and value your privacy.

The use of Aitubo through our mobile applications may involve collection and use of your information. This Privacy Policy explains and informs you how your information is collected, used and disclosed by Aitubo with respect to your access and use of our services through our mobile applications. It is important for you to understand this Privacy Policy and how you may protect your information, so please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

1. Application Scope of the Privacy Policy

By using Aitubo, you agree that we may collect, use and share your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as revised from time to time. In addition, your use of Aitubo signifies that you agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, do not use Aitubo.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and forms part of the Aitubo Terms of Service that you have agreed to in order to use Aitubo. Any terms used in this Privacy Policy will have the same meaning as the equivalent defined terms in the Aitubo Terms of Service unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy or the context requires otherwise. Unless otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy, these terms in the Aitubo Terms of Service shall also be applicable in this Privacy Policy.

Any information that is collected is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is collected. We may, however, modify and revise our Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any change to this policy, which we deem to be material changes, we will (where reasonably practicable) notify you of such changes by posting them on our website, through our services or by sending you an email or other notification, and we will indicate when such changes will become effective. By continuing to access or use our services after the changes become effective, with or without notification, you are agreeing to be bound by the revised policy.

Aitubo may link you to social media or other features or services (including websites, plug-ins and widgets) provided by a third party. Please note that this Privacy Policy doesn’t apply to the information collected by any third-party websites, services, or applications that can be accessed through our services,

and does not apply to the information collected by other companies and organizations who advertise their services on Aitubo. We bear no liability for any third-party use of any information provided by you to them.

2. Information You Provide and We Collect

(1)Information You Provide

When you interact with our services, we may collect information that you voluntarily provide to us, such as your name, user name, password, email address, telephone number and date of birth, which is limited to the scope required for providing services. We use this information to operate, maintain and provide you with the features and functions of the application, communicate with you, and solve any problems you have raised about the application.

When you select an effect or feature involving facial manipulation, we use special facial recognition technology to detect one or more faces in the photo, find the required facial key points (the point set varies with the effect or feature), and apply the collected facial features to the generation of new pictures. The image you upload is only used to generate your new AI avatar. The image you uploaded and the AI model you trained will be automatically deleted within 24 hours. For convenience, the rendered results are retained for 30 days.

Unless you expressly agree to display your photos in our mobile and other services or third-party services, we will not disclose your uploaded photos for editing and operation.

(2)Non-Personally Identifiable Information

This information can include but is not limited to, the type of mobile device you use, your mobile device's unique device ID, the IP address of your mobile device, general geographic information, your mobile operating system, the type of mobile Internet browsers you use, search terms, other applications you have downloaded, and information about the way you use the Application. We draw samples from our users, with the help of third-party analytic tools such as Google Firebase and Umeng, to analyze your use of our App, understand customer needs and trends and to improve our application.

(3)Software development kits (“SDKs”)

We use SDKs to incorporate third-party computer code into our app, which allows our advertising partners to collect data directly from the app to better facilitate online advertising on other websites or the service. If updated in the future, we will incorporate the new features of the SDKs as well to ensure that your data privacy is protected.

(4)Machine Learning

We use open datasets and lawfully purchased data to develop machine learning features such as facial recognition, body slimming, comic filter, etc. We will never use users’ pictures or videos to improve functions. During your access to our service, no User Content from you will be compiled, harvested, or used by us to improve our service or for any other purposes. Processing of your content will be limited to running on your device solely. For any features that cannot be actualized without running on our servers, such as EnhanceFox’s Super Model for enhancing photos and parts of the provided templates in ToonHub, features of old filter, young filter and gender swap in FaceTrix, your data (before shots and original photos) will be deleted from our servers once processing is completed.

3. Your Rights as the Data Subject

Pursuant to Article 11 of the PDP Law, you may request the following regarding your personal data by applying to Aitubo:

Learn whether or not your personal data have been processed;Whether or not your data have been processed;

Learn the purpose of the processing of personal data and whether data are used in accordance with their purpose;

Know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom your personal data have been transferred;

In case the personal data is processed incompletely or inaccurately; requesting notification of the transactions made under this scope to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred;

Request deletion, destruction or anonymization of personal data if the reasons for the processing have disappeared and request notification of the transactions made under this scope to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred;

Object to occurrence of any result that is to your detriment by means of the analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems;

Request compensation for the damages in case you incur damages due to unlawful processing of your personal data.

Where General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applicable, data subjects have the following rights:

Right of access - Learning whether personal data is being processed and, if so, accessing your personal data and the information regarding the processing of your personal data,Right to correction -To request the correction of information that you believe is inaccurate or the completion of information that you believe is incomplete by Aitubo,The right to restrict processing - To request the restriction of the processing of personal data under the conditions stipulated in the GDPR,Right to object to processing - To object to the processing of personal data under the conditions stipulated in the GDPR,

Right to data portability - To request the data collected by Aitubo to be transferred directly to another organization or under certain conditions,

Objection to the occurrence of a result against the person himself/herself, by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems, including profiling. In the application that includes your explanations about the right you have as the data subject and exercise your rights stated above and that you request to exercise; your request must be explicit and understandable, if the subject of your request is related to you or if you are acting on behalf of someone else, you must be specially authorized in this regard and your authority must be documented, the application must contain identity and address information and documents proving your identity must be attached to the application. In accordance with Article 13 of the PDP Law, our Company will finalize your requests, free of charge, within 30 (thirty) days at the latest depending on the nature of the request. In case the request is rejected, the reason or reasons for the rejection will be notified in writing or electronically along with its justification.

If you believe that we or someone with whom we have transferred your data is violating your rights, you can file a complaint to the data protection authority in your country and to other competent supervisory authorities.

This Privacy Policy may be revised by our Company when deemed necessary. If you continue to access Aitubo Apps and use or access Aitubo Apps without benefiting from the Services offered by Aitubo after the notification period, you shall be deemed to have allowed the changes in this Privacy Policy.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or any privacy-related matters, please contact us via email at :[email protected]