AI Dance Generator

Generate viral dance videos with just one photo. Make your images dance instantly.

Dance Together Using Our Rich and Fun Templates

Transform your photos into hilarious dance animation videos using our entertaining dance templates! Unleash your creativity and enjoy endless fun.

AI Dance

Everyone Can Be a Dance Master

Generate your own AI dance video, which is highly personalized.With our AI Dance Generator, turn your photos into lively dance videos effortlessly. No dancing lessons needed! Just a few clicks and your images come to life, ready to share and download.

Create Viral Dance Videos

Upload photos as instructed, whether it's your own or a friend's 'private photo.' In just a few minutes, you can generate a lifelike dance video that perfectly preserves the original appearance. Enjoy a simple, foolproof process that delivers stunning results every time.

AI Dance
AI Dance

Unlock the New Trend in Dance Videos

AI-generated dance videos are now everywhere on TikTok. With our AI dance generator, create trending videos with just a few clicks.Save the AI-generated dance videos and share them on TikTok or Instagram to stay ahead of the trends.

How to Make Images Dance in Aitubo?

Simple steps, amazing results, and endless fun!


Select Dance Template

Select your desired template from the library for the AI dance animation.


Upload and adjust photos

Upload a full-body photo facing forward and adjust it to fit the dance video.


Preview & Download

Preview the animated dancing video and then download it safely.

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