AI Video Generator Online - Generate AI videos from text and image

Use our AI video maker to effortlessly transform text and images into stunning AI animation videos.You can generate fun meme videos or animate your old photos, making your creations more vivid and engaging.

The most advanced AI Video model

The most advanced AI Video model

Experience next-level video creation with our AI video generator, built using the same technology architecture as OpenAI Sora. Delve into unmatched quality and efficiency that sets a new standard for your video content. Discover limitless creative potential and streamline your workflow with advanced features designed to elevate every aspect of your production.

Turn your old photos into vivid memories

Reimagine precious moments with vibrant visual effects, bringing the past to life. Capture the essence of each memory with dynamic visuals, evoking nostalgia and forging deeper connections with your audience. Share these transformed memories in a captivating new format that blends nostalgia with modern creativity, making every moment as vivid and engaging as the present.

Turn your old photos into vivid memories
Easily convert images into meme videos

Easily convert images into meme videos

Transform your images into hilarious meme videos effortlessly, perfect for sharing across social media platforms. Boost your online presence with captivating and viral content that not only entertains but also sparks conversations and encourages interaction among your audience. Engage your followers with content that resonates, ensuring they return for more of your creative and engaging posts.

Seamlessly Extend Your Video to Minutes

Our extended video feature enables you to generate extended, minutes-long AI videos, breaking free from the limitations of traditional AI Video Generator that only produces fragmented videos. With our advanced AI technology, you can seamlessly blend scenes and maintain high quality throughout, ensuring your audience remains captivated from start to finish. Elevate your content creation to new heights.

How to use AI to create videos?

Follow these simple steps to create stunning AI videos with our AI video maker.


Open Aitubo

Open Aitubo and access the AI video generator


Describe your vision

In the prompt text box, enter a detailed description of the video you want to generate, or upload a picture prompt word for best results.


Generate video

Click Generate Video and wait a few minutes for your video to be processed.


Download & Share

Once satisfied with your work, download it as a high definition MP4 file. Share your AI animation videos via social media or email.

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