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Create your unique music instantly with Suno v3.5 on our AI song generator

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Become a Music Maestro Instantly

You can generate a complete song from lyrics to vocals and instruments with just a simple description. No tools or experience required - just your imagination turns you into an AI song maker.This mode is ideal for using artificial intelligence to quickly generate music for videos, podcasts, or any project, making AI music creation instant and easy, and realizing your AI generated music creation dreams in the simplest way. It’s like having a personal AI music creator. With our AI song generator, creating music has never been easier.

Customize Your Musical Masterpiece

For professional musicians and music lovers, you can customize the music according to your needs, we provide more detailed parameters. Enter your own lyrics and customize genre, mood, and tempo to create a unique song that reflects your vision. Whether you're composing a song for a video, game, or personal project, Custom Mode provides the flexibility and control to make your AI generated music truly unique.Our AI song generator offers precise control to meet your creative needs.

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Wonderful MV makes sharing easy

Our AI can create stunning music videos (MVs) with synchronized lyrics, customizable styles, and beautiful visuals that perfectly match your music. Instantly generate and download personalized music in high-quality mp3 and mp4 formats. Whether you are promoting a new track or need captivating visuals for your content, our AI-powered MV generator has you covered. Customize every beat and visual to your liking and elevate your projects to a new level.

Unlock the Future of the AI Music Creator with Suno V3.5

Suno V3.5 is the most advanced AI music generation model available, capable of generating four-minute broadcast-quality tracks in seconds. Here's why Suno V3.5 stands out:

Broadcast-Quality Audio:
Produces professional, high-fidelity AI music.
Diverse Styles and Genres:
Covers a wide range of musical styles including pop, rock, classical, and more. No matter what style you prefer, the Suno V3.5 has you covered.
Enhanced Prompt Adherence:
Delivers accurate results with smooth endings, ensuring a seamless AI music creation process.
Generate 4-minute songs:
You can now generate a complete song in a single run, making the music creation process faster and more efficient.
Enjoy enhanced song structure and vocal flow:
Experience superior arrangement and smoother vocals.

Experience the power of AI-driven music, AI music generator with Suno V3.5 on AItubo, the model that ensures top-notch quality and versatility in AI music generation, making it the best AI music generator. Whether you are a professional musician or a music lover, Suno V3.5 can help you create stunning AI-generated music effortlessly.

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